Saint Mark

Zagreb Main Square

Matos poet

Stone Gate

  • Ban Jelačić

    Ban Jelačić

  • Saint Mark Zagreb

    Saint Mark Zagreb

  • Matoš poet

    Matoš poet

  • Zagreb Parliament

    Zagreb Parliament

  • Stone Gate

    Stone Gate

  • Zagreb Main Square

    Zagreb Main Square

Discover Zagreb

Whether it’s your first time here or you’ve been to Zagreb before, it’s always a good idea to go on a guided walk. Look no further than our Discover Zagreb walking tour, an introduction to Zagreb’s history, monuments, people and lifestyle. The ninety-minute tour is packed with great stories, cool sights and curious details.

Discover Zagreb walking tour starts in the city center, meters away from the main square, where the guide will wait for you by the model of the city. The tour will begin with a short introduction, and then we’re off to see the main landmarks. Who is ban Jelačić, the horseman on the main square and why was he important? Did you know that the statue was once facing the opposite direction, for a peculiar reason?

Our Discover Zagreb walking tour continues on the Upper town where the guide will show you the tower Lotrščak, the only remaining tower of the old town walls, famous for its cannon that goes off every day at noon. We’ll walk over to Antun Gustav Matoš to hear the story of one of the greatest Croatian poets. You will see the nearby church of st. Catherine and learn about the Jesuits and their efforts to improve the education of the people of Zagreb in the 17th century.

Your visit to Zagreb would not be complete without seeing st. Marks’s square – the seat of Croatian government. This square is famous for one of the most beautiful churches in Zagreb and infamous as the location of the medieval pillory. On our Discover Zagreb walking tour the guide will explain in a nutshell the political history of Croatia. We’ll show you the building of the Croatian parliament and then tell you the story of a man who didn’t really get along with political leadership in his time, the peasant king and revolutionary Matija Gubec.

Our walk through the alleys of the Upper town continues near the old pharmacy and onward to the Stone gate, the only remaining gate of the ancient city walls. Here you will see the painting of the Madonna that miraculously survived the great fire of 1731 completely intact. The guide will show you a rather peculiar thing on the roof above the gate – an iron ball with metal spikes known in local folklore as the witch-hunter. Zagreb was notorious for its persecution of witches long into the 18th century and on our Discover Zagreb walking tour you’ll hear some gruesome and sad stories of the many women who were wrongly accused of devil-worship.

The tour continues down Radićeva street towards the Bloody bridge, which isn’t really soaked in blood nor is it a bridge. Why does a small street carry this name, then? Our guide will tell you the story of the brutal fights that happened on this place centuries ago and you will soon realize that the name is actually quite right.

Entering the vibrant Tkalčićeva street, packed with pubs and cafe bars, we’ll introduce you to Marija Jurić Zagorka, one of the early feminists, famous for her novels and well ahead of her time. After that, it’s time to visit Dolac green market – the heart of Zagreb. We’ll walk through the market stalls and savor the smell of fresh fruits and vegetables before heading over to the cathedral.

Zagreb cathedral is truly a remarkable example of centuries of different architectural styles. Its high towers rise dominantly above the city and on our Discover Zagreb walking tour we’ll tell you about its rich history and why we see it as a fortress of Christianity and a genuine symbol of Zagreb. The tour ends back where we started from – near the main square, in the center of action!

Duration: 1.5 hours   Price per group: 720 kunas (maximum group size eight people)

Meeting point: The model of the city,  corner of Jelačić square

Please note: this tour is temporarily NOT OPERATING until further notice!

Departure time can be arranged according to your preferences.


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